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Support Ukrainians With Day-to-Day
Needs in the 
Midst of War

Join 2 The Nations in providing life-sustaining food, medicine, clothing and other supplies to the citizens of Ukraine.


24 February 2022, Russia unlawfully invaded Ukraine, in a major escalation of the Russo-Ukrainian War that began in 2014. The invasion caused Europe's fastest-growing refugee crisis since World War II, with more than 6.9 million Ukrainians fleeing the country and a third of the population displaced, both internally and externally. When the world was alarmed with this news, 2 The Nations had to take part in helping.

As an organization that is rooted in the Word of God, specifically Matthew 28: 19 - 20, it was placed in Pastor John McGovern’s heart to “go.” With no connections with churches or people in the city of Warsaw, it was his desire to go and hear from God and respond to needs. Pastor John contacted his Facebook friend, Pastor Vladimir Avilova (Авілова Тетяна) in Ukraine and said he had 2 daughters, Masha and Liza Avilova, and asked if I could take care of them. Pastor John arrived in the city of Warsaw on March 10, 2022. Since then he has built many relationships, not only with Liza and Masha and the Avilovas, but now has a tight coalition of volunteers willing to work together in sending humanitarian aid, clothing, and medical supplies, along with infrastructure support to serve the people of Ukraine both now and in the future.


We have developed relationships with key like-minded people from various countries and job positions including international government representatives and politicians , Non Government Organizations, corporate business CEOs and directors, engineers, Indigeous Leaders, and Ukrainian politicians. 2 The Nations is now an officially registered government organization (NGO) in Poland and recognized in Ukraine.

We are invited and represented at many official international meetings including the United Nations, NATO, Lugano, Davos, Athens Security Forum, Warsaw Security Forum, GSN Sustainability Conferences, the Freedom Days Conference in Gdansk Poland, the G-20 Summit, the B-20 Summit and many more international meetings.

Pastor John McGovern was joined in late May by Kezia Malcolm from Hong Kong and businessman/missionary Loren Kennedy. Loren has been serving in different cities in Ukraine. Kezia secured our offices in Warsaw, Poland, helped to establish our non-profit NGO, has received official press credentials from the Ukraine government, represented 2 the Nations at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland and directs our social media team. She also serves with various churches and individuals in Calvary Church Hong Kong, Warsaw and Krakow, Poland.

We were introduced to an NGO Coordination Support Center, Centrum Wsparcia Koordynacji. Inquiring about their works, this led to their team offering 2 The Nations an office space filled with more than 10 rooms – meeting rooms, office rooms, etc, multiple kitchens, and storage areas.

2 The Nations also has an extensive network of transportation hubs and storage in Ukraine for the immediate distribution. We are currently working on housing and generators that are ready as soon as the funding is in place. Each apartment building will be 4 floors high, 6 flats per floor and will contain everything including tables, water purification systems and washing machines. Each generator will power 3,000 homes, hospitals and schools.
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Central & Western Ukraine

Ongoing need for supplies like food, hygiene & medical supplies, generators, water purification systems, clothing, Ukrainian language Bibles, children materials, medical supplies, non-lethal military supplies, educational materials/supplies for the children when they have to go undergrounds during Russian attacks and continuous financial aid.
Funds to transport cargo donated from North America and Europe
Short term workers to help Pastor Avilova in Central Ukraine
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Poland and Romania

Outreach help in for Romania and Poland
Volunteers to help refugees
Entertainers, musicians, singers and bands for the Ukraine support concerts
Aside from volunteers to help with labor needs and donations, we always need prayer!

Help Us Provide Housing for Ukrainians

Local government officials have reached out to us for help in a housing project for displaced Ukrainians with no money or help. With the land and infrastructure already provided, 2 The Nations is working around the clock on a 4-story building project that will provide shelter and purified water for thousands of displaced individuals. We need urgent help with donations for construction and furnishing.