1 Update: Ukraine 2024


In February 2022, Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation unleashed an unjust and shameful war upon the Ukrainian people. Since then, Russia has sacrificed a generation of young men, with over 500,000 reported killed or injured. Ukrainians have suffered immensely, with countless thousands injured, killed, raped, and their villages and cities destroyed and looted by Russian forces.

The International Criminal Court has issued arrest warrants for Putin and Maria Lvova-Belova, his Commissioner for Children's Rights. In light of heavy Russian propaganda, continuous support for Ukraine is crucial. It is widely acknowledged that if Putin is not stopped in Ukraine, his aggression will not end there, as documented by major news organizations and corroborated by statements from Putin, Lavrov, and other Russian officials.

We must pray for peace, victory, and the revival of Ukraine.

2 The Nations continues to provide humanitarian aid, hygiene products, medical supplies, and more, thanks to our coalition members. We have successfully facilitated the extraction of vulnerable individuals from various areas. Over the past two years, our team has been active at the United Nations in both New York and Geneva, and we have participated in key international meetings including the B-20, G-20, G-7, the Warsaw Security Forum, NATO, Lugano and Davos Summits, the Parliamentary Intelligence Security Forums, Delphi and Abu Dhabi Economic Forums, and numerous international anti-human trafficking conferences.

Additionally, 2 The Nations has been instrumental in the signing of cooperation and sister city agreements with Poltava, Ukraine, and both the Ojibwe Nation in Canada and the city of Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

Ukraine Updates

We have accomplishing much by the day and are connected with people from various countries and job positions including government leaders, and NGO’s; along with securing storage and transportation links.

John McGovern was joined on the second trip by Kezia Malcolm, 19, from Hong Kong, who also serves in Warsaw and Krakow with Masha and Liza Avilova. They were also joined by Loren Kennedy who is consistently serving in different cities of Ukraine.

During the second trip, Pastor John and Kezia were introduced to an NGO Coordination Support Center, Centrum Wsparcia Koordynacji, in inquiring about their works, which then led to their team offering 2 The Nations an office space filled with around 10 rooms: meeting rooms, offices, multiple kitchens, and storage areas, etc.

Poland/Ukraine Update

John McGovern & Kezia Malcolm
May 29, 2022

Warsaw Office

2 The Nations, was offered this space as the official Warsaw office of 2 The Nation by Centrum Wsparcia Koordynacji. Take a tour of the new 2 The Nations, Warsaw office!

2 The Nations Warsaw Office

June 3, 2022

World War 2 Building Memorial

Pastor John takes us back to a prominent time in history!

World War 2 Building Memorial

John McGovern
May 31, 2022

Critical Response to Ukraine

Check out the images below for how we have been actively helping Ukraine!