• There are many opportunities to serve Ukrainian people.  There are many internal refugees who have shifted by the tens of thousands from the East to the West of Ukraine.  Constant supplies are needed.  When brought into the villages, supplies are a way to pray and minister to people who come for the much needed hygiene, food, and medicine. Drivers are needed to move the supplies from Romania and Poland to Ukraine, 

  • The external refugees are in Poland and Romania.  In Warsaw there is a need for help at the warehouses, The warehouses need people who will help with anything from cooking for the workers to loading supplies. In Krakow, Poland workers are needed for outreaches on a daily basis.  Volunteers are also needed at the train station to help the many refugees. They will equip you with a vest and a patch that says English, for English speakers. 

How You Can Serve

1. Prayer

2. In Central Ukraine, Pastor Avilova always needs short term workers..