2 The Nations is a United States 501C3, non-profit charity that currently exists to assist Ukraine and our coalition organizations with infrastructure, equipment, food, medical, delivery, extractions and non-lethal military supplies in this unprecedented time of a war through the invasion of Ukraine by Putin and the Russian military.   



  • 2TN is a coalition of volunteers bringing help and service to the people of Ukraine since March,10, 2022.  Some coalition members have over 20 years working in Ukraine and most other co-workers were born in Ukraine and continue to work in Ukraine, many of our partners direct operations out of Canada, a country with one of the largest populations of Ukrainian people.
  • We collaborate with Christian organizations, approved NGO's (non government organizations),  businesses and professionals, local people and government organizations.
  • Ministry in and out of Ukraine to Ukrainian people and Ukrainian churches and communities
  • Our coalition is comprised of First Nations tribal leaders, doctors, lawyers, CEO's, politicians, engineers, retired war veterans, pastors, rabbis, priests, church leaders, RN's, businessmen and women, contractors, water purification experts, scientists, filmmakers, experienced news reporters, newscasters, writers, and leaders of major charities.

Our operation centers are Warsaw, Poland, Kyiv, Ukraine, Bucharest, Romania and now, Krakow, Poland. When the supplies arrive they are then transported throughout Ukraine. 

Some of the supplies  purchased and donated:

  • Woman's hygiene products
  • Men's hygiene products
  • Baby supplies
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Medicine
  • Medical supplies
  • Funeral supplies
  • water purification
  • fuel
  • MW Generators
  • Solar grids
  • Prefab small houses
  • and much more. 

Some of the ongoing projects:

  • extraction of vulnerable people to safety 
  • help with resettlement 
  • assisting in education for those coming out of Ukraine 
  • winter preparation in Ukraine for 2022-23
  • housing
  • transportation to Ukraine and out,
  • feeding programs in Ukraine, 
  • Ministry to people and churches throughout Ukraine

Funds, sponsors, and donations are urgently needed for the projects above. 




           2 The Nations

4 Fold Directive

  1. Spiritual, 
  2. Medical, 
  3. Humanitarian
  4. Extractions of vulnerable people displaced East UA

What We’ve Done

  • Delivering one ton of food and supplies a week both intercontinental, local and in country to those who deliver to those in remote and needy areas.
  • Received 33 tons of supplies (August 8, 2022)
  • Ready to receive a shipload of supplies (Sept. 2022)
  • Delivered solar generators
  • Delivered Drones
  • Delivered med packs
  • New clothing for babies, toddlers, mothers and teens
  • 500 Body bags and PPE supplies
  • 90 pairs of new sneakers for toddlers to teens
  • Surgical equipment
  • Hundreds of Compression bandages
  • Hundreds of CAT tourniquets
  • Insulin
  • Medicine
  • Extractions of hundreds of displaced people from the northeast to the southeast (Odessa)
  • Offices in Central Ukraine
  • A completed legal NGO, 2 The Nations, in Poland
  • Government partnership for assistance in Ukraine
  • Liaison with a number of UA government officials both in Ukraine, Romania and Poland for assistance for Ukraine
  • Invitations to participate in International conferences for cooperation on foreign policy for Ukraine:
  • G-20 in Bali, Indonesia Nov. 2022
  • Warsaw Security Forum, Warsaw Poland Oct. 2022
  • Athens, Greece Security Forum, October 2022
  • Freedom Days Gdansk, Poland Aug. 2022
  • Represent Ukraine at the Lugano, Davos and Nato Summits.
  • Ministry to many Ukrainians both external and internal Ukrainians
  • Logistics, support and advise concerning support for Ukraine
  • Prayer for Ukrainian people both personally and continued nightly prayer for Ukraine
  • Ministry in churches, villages and cities to Ukrainians in Ukraine and other countries

Current and Ongoing Projects

(some are already completed)

  • Water purification both mobile units and bigger ones for villages
  • Partnership with Poltava Ukraine on joint infrastructure and development with Mayor Mamai and sister/twin cities projects in both Canada and the USA
  • Partnership with fund raising for Ukraine:
  • 4 day music festival in Georgia for Ukraine support
  • Development of a concert for Ukraine in Warsaw/Manitoba Canada (Night of Hope)
  • Pallets of dried food and vegetables from Canada
  • Pallets of medicine from Canadian Pharma companies
  • Temporary housing for internal refugees. Small house project for 10 communities in Ukraine for 1.6 million displaced Ukrainian people
  • Supplies clothing/food for the winter
  • Locomotive engines that can power 1,200 homes
  • Supply of frozen turkey, beef, chicken and pork
  • Pallets of flour in sacks
  • Network of transportation throughout Ukraine and Poland for delivery of supplies and extraction of people in the East
  • Cooperation with Poltava, Ukraine for the development of industry and renewable energy and investment
  • Discussions and strategic planning with a wide variety of NGO’s and businesses in multiple countries
  • Electricity Projects for a number of Ukrainian communities
  • LNG and Diesel purchases
  • Winter help for 1.6 Million displaced people
  • Zoom meetings with Canadian and Ukraine Members of Parliament
  • Assistance in visas for Ukrainians
  • Assistance for Ukrainians for education, housing, prayer, and essential services.